What message does the art
on your walls deliver?

It’s actually a much more important question than most people realize.

Artwork speaks, although it uses a silent language to do so. Color, theme, and style all send subliminal messages, and each plays an equally important part in helping to compose that message.

Before purchasing a piece of art, you should consider the function of the space in which it will be displayed. Artwork for a business setting should be selected to set a tone which is appropriate to the planned usage of the space.

The same is also true when selecting artwork for your home. The artwork you select for your bedroom would likely be very different from the artwork you choose to display in your dining room.

As an artist, I would welcome the opportunity to help you find the perfect artwork to set the intended tone for your home or business.

I invite you to contact me for further discussion, or to schedule an appointment for your choice of on-site, gallery, or studio consultation at your convenience.